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Music will be expected: a live musician will be remembered.

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We can offer a variety of live music options, but classical guitar is by far our most popular option. Co-founder, DJ and classically trained musician Sean Goebel can add ambiance to your cocktail hour or an extra memorable touch to your ceremony. Check out the video to the right for a sample.

$225 for the first hour, $150 for each additional hour, or book one of our premium DJ packages and have your first hour included at no additional cost!

For more details on classical guitar, you can visit Sean’s live music website

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Live musicians will vary in availability and price throughout the season. Contact us today to determine the best options for you event. We can offer discounts on many of our live music options when they are purchased in conjunction with one of our DJ packages.

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Contact us today to find out what live music and DJ combination is right for you!