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Battery Powered Speakers

Battery Powered Speakers

We’ve been getting lots of inquires lately regarding battery powered speakers and rentals. We usually recommend using our battery bank instead. Battery speakers are a wonderful idea, they offer allot of convenience with no messy cables – unfortunately in practice they don’t work well. We’ve tested out a number of units and found them inadequate. Most units are from China with low wattage and low quality sound, many have poor wireless microphones. Roland makes a model that runs off AA batteries which is awkward at best. Most of the best commercial speaker manufacturers do not make battery powered units just yet. We’d love to hear from you if you do happen to find a good one, we think it’s an exciting emerging technology.

What’s the best solution then?

Instead of battery powered speakers we usually recommend using our battery bank with high quality commercial speakers instead. The difference between commercial DJ speakers and battery speakers is substantial.

What’s the difference? Math strikes again

RMS wattage is one of the better methods to rate a speakers true output. The bigger the number the more powerful the speaker. A typical single speaker in our fleet is typically 500 watts RMS, compare that to most battery powered speakers that we’ve encountered that run 30 watts RMS.  Our speakers are nearly 17 times more powerful. A three speaker DJ system can run about 2000 watts RMS, that’s nearly 67 times more juice. Bear in mind that powerful systems doesn’t have to be loud, it’s mostly about clarity and depth of sound. Thirty watts just doesn’t cut it for events with more than a dozen people, nobody wants muddy distorted sound that can’t fill the space.

When should I use a battery bank PA system?

Battery bank systems are ideal for wedding ceremonies or outdoor parties when standard power isn’t available. Some clients rent them for camping parties or event tents. Our bank runs off a deep cycle battery (it’s about the size and weight of a car battery), it supplies a 1,000 watts of power. It can be carried or wheeled around.

Estimated runs times. 

One speaker and wireless microphone = 8-10 hours

Two speakers and wireless microphone = 4-6 hours

 All items plugged into the bank affect run times, so does volume.

When should I use a plug?

Any time you are within a 100 feet of a 15 amp plug. Grid power is always best when available. Battery powered speakers are only good for very small events where quality sound isn’t required.

When should I use a generator?

For receptions or events without grid power that require a full PA system (three speakers or more). Unless you have a large event our quiet 1500 watt inverter generator is well suited – usually the noise can’t be heard over DJ services. Battery banks are better for wedding ceremonies or outdoor speech. Once the battery bank system is depleted it takes at least two hours to charge, generators just need a fuel top up.