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Fire and Wild Stage Effects

Fire and Wild Stage Effects

There are a number of surprising stage effects offerings now available for the mobile DJ, lighting designer or performing musician. For example.

Fire Machines

We were shocked to learn that you can now buy a fire cannon that can be activated from a DMX lighting console on Ebay. Very neat and designed for outdoor use but we think this still falls under the line of “don’t try this at home kids.”

1800 W Jet Foam Cannons

That looks like messy fun to us! Smaller units are also sold

CO2 CryoFX Cannon

This is a more practical stage effects for events. Could be used during a wedding grand entrance or a school dance show. A bit like the old dry ice effect on steroids.

This fun grand entrance could also be pulled off with dual water based smoke machines

The Sparkular

We know it sounds like some sort of Transformer

The Confetti Cannon

An old classic novelty effect. We own the handheld version of this, lots of fun with colour tissue streamers – the large cannons are available through special inventory. The streamers aren’t too bad to clean-up as the pieces are larger.

For more wild ideas ideas check out this supplier