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How intelligent are your lights?

How intelligent are your lights?

Lights and music are two things that go together like pie and ice cream. Stage lights that can be controlled with a computer or DMX lighting mixer are known as DMX lights. Intelligent light shows are a powerful combination of human and computer sequences. Complex lighting behaviors are controlled at appropriate times by the human ear. These lighting systems are able to produce sophisticated lighting shows that are truly synchronized to the music. These type of light shows are designed to create the perfect mood whether you need a burst of energy at the chorus or a slow romantic wash for a slow waltz. DMX lights are the key to harmony on your dance floor, having a bunch of lights playing all the time is like an orchestra without a conductor. A few well planned lights are more effective than a bunch of “dumb” light that might be strobing during “What a Wonderful World.”

We offer intelligent dance-floor lighting in small, medium and large formats in additional to decorative battery powered up-lighting.  A set of eight intelligent LED up-lights is a 200$ package upgrade. We can work with you to determine what’s right for your event. It doesn’t make sense to setup a double truss for an event with thirty people in a small restaurant! Our light collection can be viewed here.

Our lights are now equipped with wireless antenna controllers which makes placements more flexible and setup times much faster. Our new lithium battery PAR lights are cutting edge and completely free of wires and cables making them safer and cleaner looking. They also produce a neat range of colour including red, green, blue, white, amber and black light. It’s great being able to place where they look best, now where plugs are.

Here are a few videos that show off some intelligent light shows

This example shows some intelligent lighting effects at a wedding

Here is what’s possible with a large scale production of DMX lights – we aren’t at this production level yet but big light shows are neat!