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Remixes are Unboring

Remixes are Unboring

Remixes are created anytime a new version of a song is created. There are a number of possibilities but usually electronic music is mixed into something else. The original song is altered with DJ software or music production. Songs are “remixed” for a variety of different reasons and in a variety of different ways, some songs are more suitable than others for remixing. Genres are fused together to create something that is fresh and often more dance friendly. We especially like remixes where old classic songs are mixed together with modern electronic beats and rhythms. You get to hear some of your favorite hooks and lyrics recombined with a thumping bottom end. Classic recording has a wonderful analog warmth but the technology has come a long ways, oldies just don’t have the same big bass that new music does. Bass and dancing tend to go together like dogs and bones. Some of our favorite remixes maintain the original flavour while tastefully incorporating new elements and layers.

We love using remixes on our dance floors where appropriate. They can be allot of fun as they add a fresh flavor to classic dance floor packers. You get the crowd favorites everybody knows in an unboring fashion.

We create some of our own remixes (on the fly or ahead of time in the studio) and play pre-created remixes. Here are a few youtube examples or some studio remixes

Here’s a particularly fun remix of “La Bamba”

If you liked  remix DJ KaktuZ has a whole series of remixes available for free on his website. Just click the remix and click download.

Here is the original version of La Bamba for comparison. The low-end is very different on this classic recording.

Here is a Remix that does a good job of maintaining the original integrity of the song “Respect.” Makes you want to move your feet doesn’t it!