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So you want to be a Mix Master?

So you want to be a Mix Master?

If you are just looking to DIY DJ your own event we are happy to rent you everything you’ll need. We will show you how everything sets up and how to use Mixx 2.0 (a user friendly open source free DJ software). Or we can simply provide a 3.5 mm headphone cable for you to hookup your own phone, tablet or computer to our PA gear. Check out all of our gear on our rentals department page 

We also offer private YYC based DJ lessons on Traktor, we can assist you with topics such as.

  1. Finger drumming
  2. Beat matching, controllers and mixing
  3. Music production and creation
  4. Effects
  5. Drop mixing
  6. Scratching
  7. Pop mixing
  8. PA systems and their use

We also offer expertise in recording technologies production such as Appleton or Cubase and DAWs (digital audio work-stations). Audio engineering training is available for electronic music and live instruments.