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The Swarm is Here!

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The Swarm is Here!

Big light shows are great but having everything in one device is appealing. If you like simplicity our new 5 FX Swarm is the solution! It’s the smart phone of DJ lighting. This very cool dance floor light is a multi-effects power-house with 5 on-board FX. It replaces 5 lights, one light now creates an instant party. The on-board laser provides coverage in events large and small – all your bases in a single easy to use unit. Setting up party lighting has never been easier, two minutes and you’re done!

The Swarm is now available to rent or as part of a full service DJ lighting package. The light can be used with a DMX controller or just plug it in and let it do its thing. It’s sophisticated and simple to use.

If  slow dancing is desired (such as a wedding) we recommend using this light with a DMX controller or adding an LED wash light. The Swarm has a static colour wash effect appropriate for slow dances, the best way to access specific lighting features and slow the light down is with our controller (we can show you how it works if you want to DIY it). Otherwise you might find the Swarm a bit too Swarmy during “At Last” or “Lost Together.”