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What is Textured Decorative Gobo Lighting?

What is Textured Decorative Gobo Lighting?

Gobo lighting or “go between” lighting originated in the theater, it’s evolved and become useful in all sorts of capacities. It’s often used with up-lighting for events large and small. Various types of lights can use an interchangeable gobo to produce lighting images, some of the best professional lights for the task are ellipsoidal leko lights (a type of spot light) for static lighting. Certain moving head lights can also accept a custom gobo for more dynamic projections. Theatre style lights offer some the brightest sharpest images available, inexpensive gobo projectors don’t come close to the optics and brightness of these lights. It’s like a comparing a cellphone camera to a professional Nikon camera, crab apples and apples really. Gobo textures can make a plain old wall look like a tree, a window or a city scape or just amazing.

What’s this got to do with events?

Painting venues with all sorts of colour and textured light from various and creative angles not only beautifies a space it is art – it’s not just for the stage anymore. Lighting has become popular for weddings, corporate parties and all sorts of gatherings because it’s impressive and beautiful. Designs can be completely stunning or just subtly enhance a space. They can add allot of emotional enhancement to a performance.

Weddings and Corporate Events

Textured lighting, up-lighting, down-lighting and intelligent dance floor lighting can really add allot of intrigue and personality to a wedding or corporate event. Think of the wow factor of an infinity LED dance floor! We like to use our lights statically during dinner and cocktail hour and then turn on the wireless control making the whole room come alive during dancing. With intelligently cued rhythmic lighting across a whole space, it’s party time for sure!

How about some spot lighting during your first dance? Would you like to see your wedding initials in lights with a custom gobo?  Perhaps your company logo would look great 40 feet across on the ceiling of your event tent. Or perhaps a classy water image light during slow dances? Water image lights are a special dynamic gobo projector light (see example below).



Lighting design at your next corporate event can really add allot of magic and atmosphere. Company logos can be projected with monogram lighting and your company colours can be utilized in the design. Perhaps your event has a Safari theme that can be realized with the right lighting.

Event themes are perfect for light images. All sorts of ideas can be showcased with lighting imagery from modern looks, classic themes, comic books, to fantasy, to nature, to historical themes – just about anything. If you are looking for some inspiration our full catalogue of gobo images can be found through our gobo supplier, steel stock images are the most cost effective. Glass offers multi colored and custom images are available. Or just let us know what your event is about and we can design something. And yes, you can create a Bat Light image with a custom gobo light.

 Logistical considerations

Our company specializes in small to medium sized floor based lighting designs, if ceiling mounting is required we may refer you to one of our industry colleagues. Gobo lighting can be achieved with LED and halogen based lighting. Halogen lights are more cost effective with a warm classic character, but they do draw allot more juice. Your venue will need to have enough power for the job, otherwise you should consider LED based lighting. Halogen lights may require a range plug. A typical halogen spot light is 575 watts vs. a 100 watt LED fixture. Heat is a another consideration, hot halogen lights should be treated with respect. We like to work with decorators to ensure the lighting and decor compliment.

What are you waiting for? Ask us to light up your next swaray! Here are a few ideas.