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When Do I Need a Wireless Speaker?

When Do I Need a Wireless Speaker?

Here are a few examples of venues that really benefit from one or more wireless speakers. Extra satellite wireless speakers are useful if you have: poor acoustics (high ceilings, reflective surfaces), a large room, separated areas or rooms, or an awkwardly shaped room (Ls or Us). It’s especially important for background music, as a bubble of sound is sometimes acceptable for dancing but zero background music isn’t desirable.

A few examples we know of

The Glenn Eagles in Cochrane – Large U shaped room, no coverage at the far end of the room. Our wireless system hits the far end of the room clearly

The Hotel Arts Main Ball room – We’ve worked events with 800 people here. At least two extra speakers are recommended for yet another U shaped room. The far ends of the room won’t receive any background music without.

The Lougheed House – It’s often useful to run music between rooms and a lower level room here. Wireless is the way to go when stairs are involved

Telus Convention Centre – Very large space, lots of concrete reflections that are improved with extra speaker placements

Sirocco Golf Course – L shaped room, awkward to cover with one sound system

Gunns Dairy Barn – Rooms are separated

Bragg Creek Community Centre – Large Room

Mackenzie Town Gym – Large Room

Safari Lodge – Larger space, acoustic are decent so it’s not a must have