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Wireless Speaker Systems

Wireless Speaker Systems

There are a number of venues in the Calgary area that benefit or require extra wireless speakers placements. It’s pretty silly running a signal cable 100 feet across the floor if other options are available. We can add extra wireless or wired speakers to any of our DJ, live music or rental packages.

Cables can be taped to floor but wireless is safer, faster and cleaner. There are a few AV systems on the market such as the Stealth System (which is great for multiple 200 foot wireless speaker setups) but we currently use the Line 6 G30 Wireless Relay system for single wireless speaker setups. The G30 relay is used to transmit wireless guitar but we discovered that it’s a great wireless audio sender. We even used it successfully in an open air barn at 100 feet (horses and cables don’t mix).  The G30 system is rated for 100 feet (which we can verify), the range will diminish if you are running through walls or around corners. Sometimes you have to put the transmitter and receiver close together to establish communication before moving to the maximum range. Battery life in the transmitter is about 4 hours, at that point we recommend changing the two double AAs out (a warning light will illuminate). We’ve always received a clear stable signal from the G30, we stand behind it as a professional device.

Wireless receiving speakers will still require power – unless you want to rent a battery bank from us. The 1/4″ connectors on the G30 are pro-speaker friendly. We haven’t had issues with noise or interference (alternative channels are available) but a DI is recommended if any noise is noticed (see are other post on magic boxes).

We did experiment with a home based wireless AV sender from Amazon as they cost allot less than pro audio gear. However we were disappointed with the test, we heard allot of problems with static and interference on all channels. We don’t recommend them or use them.